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Greetings and Welcome to KGNC-AM ON DEMAND, here you can listen to your favorite shows anytime and anywhere via your computer or digital music player.

Simply click the show titles below to go to the page for that show, there you can either download the files in .mp3 format or subscribe to a .RSS feed to automate the download of the show. Instructions for using KGNC's Podcasts are below the shows.

Let us know what you think about KGNC-AM On Demand! service. Drop us a line at kgncam@kgnc.com. We welcome your comments and suggestions!



 KGNC Agribusiness & Information Hour
Hosted by James Hunt



NewsDay Amarillo
Hosted by Tim Butler



 Let Me Speak to the Realtor
Hosted by Greg Glenn

Southwest Outdoors Show
Hosted by Mel Phillips



 Panhandle Greenhouse Garden Show
Hosted by James Cathey


The Financial Clinic
Hosted by Dale Buckner


Smart Money Radio
Hosted by Mark & Marcy McKay


Here's how use KGNC-AM OnDemand:

You'll need a computer and a media player that supports the mp3 file format, for example, iTunes.  Internet Explorer 7 supports XML/RSS so downloading a RSS client is optional.

  1. Download a RSS client. (click here for software suggestions)

  2. In your RSS client, click the option to add a new feed

  3. When it asks for the address of the new feed to be added, paste the URL listed on the show's page into the client.

  4. In your RSS client, check for podcast updates and subscribe to the KGNC podcast.

  5. If you have an MP3 player, connect it to your computer. Then follow the instructions pertaining to your software and player.


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  • KGNC-AM Local and Live Broadcasts


    • KGNC-AM Local and Live Broadcasts

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    • NewsDay Amarillo Guests

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