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Amarillo Man Arrested for Evading Arrest and Attempting to Take Officer's Weapon

An Amarillo man was arrested after fleeing from police and trying to take an officer's weapon.

Around 11:50 p.m. Sunday, a policeman tried to make a traffic stop near the Boulevard and Jefferson. The driver refused to stop and later jumped out of his car and ran.  An officer caught up witht the man in an open field and tried to handcuff him. The man fought with the officer and tried to take his weapon out of his holster.

More officers arrived and Tyson Jamal Jackson, 24, was taken into custody. He was booked into Potter county for evading arrest, attempting to take a weapon from an officer, resisting arrest, and 7 outstanding warrants.

Detours for 45th West of I-27

A water main break over the weekend will cause some delays and detours for the next few days.  

A break in the 12-inch water main caused a sinkhole to form on 45th just west of I-27.  While the main was repaired within a few hours, road repairs may take up to a week to complete.  

As a result, 45th just west of the Canyon E-way is closed to east and westbound traffic.  If you are driving east on 45th and want to turn north on to the E-way, you'll have to find a different route.  

For daily updates on repairs, you can follow the City of Amarillo on Facebook or on Twitter @cityofamarillo.

Door to Door Alarm Company Scam

Local authorities are investigating a shady door-to-door sales scam.  
According to the APD, these men look like they are with a home owners alarm company, and say they are there to upgrade the equipment.  They actually install their own equipment, but for a different alarm service. One local alarm business admitted hiring some of these men, but terminated their contract after being informed of the deceitful sales practices.  
Corporal Jerry Neufeld recommends homeowners always ask to see a city of Amarillo solicitor's permit, along with identification and warns the guys to watch out.
"We've arrested solicitors in the past and we will arrest them again if we come out and we find two or three of them together and they don't have a permit. We may give them a warning that first time. You know, three days later we catch them again in the same area doing the same thing and they still haven't picked up a permit, we're liable to arrest them indefinitely," said Neufeld.
3 separate incidents are currently under investigation in Amarillo. If you have been victimized, or believe you have run into some of these individuals, contact Amarillo police at 378-3038.

"Moth Talk" at the Discovery Center

When you think of moths you think of those clumsy, clothes eating insects, but 'Moth Talk' at the Don Harrington Discovery Center this Tuesday might just change your mind.
Executive Director for the DHDC, Doctor Aaron Pan says there's more to moths than that.
"We're not talking about just boring, drab round moths, like the miller moths that invaded us two years ago. We're talking about huge, gigantic moths, beautiful and brightly colored that would be very similar to butterflies."
Dr. Pan adds that most moths around our area, contrary to popular belief, will not eat your clothes. 
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