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Amarillo Couple Arrested After Selling Meth to Cop

A man and a woman were arrested after selling meth to an undercover cop.

Around 4:00 p.m. Tuesday, Billie Jeanne Ramirez, 28, and Dewey Bob Meyers, 56, pulled into the Hobby Lobby parking lot on Bell, where Ramirez sold the meth to the undercover officer.  They were both booked into Randall county for manufacture and delivery of a controlled substance.

Meyers also had 3 outstanding municipal warrants.

Coffee Memorial Hosts "Over the Edge" Event

The Coffee Memorial Blood Center's 'Over the Edge' fundraiser is set for Thursday and Friday of this week.
"The profits from this year's Over the Edge event will go towards two new centerfuges for our laboratory and we're also looking to purchase a new box truck," said Suzanne Talley, director of Marketing and Public Relations.
Individuals who raise at least 1,100 are given the opportunity to repel down the Eagles Center building at 8th and Tyler. There is even a friendly competition between our local police and fire fighters on who can donate the most and who can get down the building fastest.

Stolen Motorcycles Recovered; Thieves Booked

Two stolen motorcycles were recovered in a three day span and the suspects booked for warrants and other charges.

The first recovery happened last Wednesday evening near the Boulevard and Mirror. The motorcycle has no license plate, and a check of the serial number showed it to be stolen. Gino Enriquez, 40, was arrested for unauthorized use of a motor vehicle and unlawfully carrying a weapon.

The second recovery happened Friday afternoon at the 24th discount store on the Fritch highway.  Donny Phommyvong, 32, was recognized as being wanted twice out of Potter county.  He was arrested on the warrants and for possession of marijuana and unauthorized use of a motor vehicle.

Amarillo 19 Year Old Homicide Case Closes in Mexico

An almost 19 year old homicide case came to an end last week in Mexico.  
Oscar Gomez Erives was wanted for the September 1995 shooting of Betty Trevino at her mother's house on north Pierce. Erives was arrested early last Tuesday morning in Juarez for drug charges and the outstanding murder warrant. He hung himself that evening in jail with his own clothes.
An autopsy was performed and the results were sent to the FBI, who forwarded them to the 47th district attorney's office. The case has been closed and dismissed because of Erives death. 

Amarillo's Economic Reports Reflect Job Growth and Strong Spending

Amarillo consumers are opening their wallets.
"We've had strong spending growth thus far in 2014. We had over 5% real growth in June and in the second quarter relative to those same time periods a year ago. And just about 3.3% growth for the first six months of the year compared to the same period a year ago," said local economist Karr Ingham.
However, the numbers in Ingham’s Amarillo Economic Index Report also reflect slower than satisfactory job growth. While the number of people with jobs is up by .4% year-to-date. Ingham, who is the owner of Ingham Econ, LLC, said a healthier growth rate would be more like a full percentage point or above.
Meanwhile, the Amarillo Economic Pulse issued by Amarillo National Bank also notes a slow pace in the addition of new jobs in the city. While Amarillo's total employment is up by 700 people from last year, Lubbock's economy has added 3,000 over the same time. 

Washington Street Overpass Repair Work

If your daily commute takes you southbound on the Canyon E-way, expect some delays.  
Bridge joint and abutment repair work will take place on the Washington street overpass for the next few weeks. One lane will be closed daily from now till the project is completed.  On the weekends, two lanes will be closed, leaving only one lane open on the southbound overpass.  
Work should be done by the end of August.
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